Alien Isolation

If you were stranded on a space station with few tools, few options, and something that is most feared in the universe out to kill you, would you survive? Today I am going to talk about the new Alien Isolation game that Creative Assembly said was going to come out sometime in late 2014 or probably on October 7th.

In Alien Isolation, you play as Amanda Ripley (the daughter of Ellen) in 2137, 15 years into the future after the events of Alien (the first movie). Amanda is put on the small space station, Sevastopol to look for the flight recorder of Nostromo. The Sevastopol however, is inhabited by one alien.

When Creative Assembly made this horror game, they seriously weren’t joking around. When your hiding under a table or in a locker, the alien could be coming past by you. When this happens, you need to press a button to stop breathing, otherwise, it finds you. When your hiding, you don’t know if it has left the room or not, but to be sure, stay in no matter whatever you hear, even if the doors open and close, the alien could just be trying to trick you.

If you think this game will be just like Colonial Marines, then your dead wrong. What makes this game unique compared to Colonial Marines is that this is a First Person Survival Horror, not a First Person Shooter. Creative Assembly had also made the Alien AI act to where it makes the illusion to where it seems like it learns from what you do during gameplay and uses it to make a strategy to kill you. Another unique feature about the game is that it has a crafting system. The player can get objects to make weapons and tools to defend themselves from the alien. Instead of always being in the same spot, each object for crafting a certain tool is randomized and always somewhere else. This way no one person can memorize the spots for the objects. The player can also come across computers and other devices through which they could gather information from or trigger in game effects.

That’s the only information available about the game. When it comes out, I most likely will do better review about it and give it a proper rating but for now, I will give this game a 5 out of 5. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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