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Nintendogs + Cats

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait! I finally got some time to write a new post. This review will be about “Nintendogs + Cats” for the 3DS. This is a very laid back game where you basically take care of your own virtual dogs and cats! In previous versions, only dogs were available. But in this version, they have cute little cats! There are various activities you can do with your animal, such as bathing, playing, feeding, walking  (Dogs only), and teaching tricks. Care products and toys can be bought at various stores that you can access while taking your dog for a walk. There are so many things to do on this game and it can be entertaining for hours. Overall, I’d rate this game 4.3 out of 5 stars. I hope you liked this review!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Hey guys! Today’s review is on “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds”. This game is about how Zelda (uh… I mean…. Link!) well…. um…. How about you read the info I found from Wikipedia! ”

Following the events of A Link to the Past, the royal family of Hyrule elected to split the Triforce to stop evil from rising again. This had the effect of returning each part to its elected owner. One part returned to the deceased demon king Ganon, one part stayed with the Royal family, and a third part took its rightful place in the heart of Link.

The game then begins proper, with the blacksmith’s son, Gulley, waking up his dad’s apprentice, Link, to get him to work. Once there, however, he must deliver a finished sword to the Captain at Hyrule Castle after the Captain leaves without it. Before he is able to deliver the sword, Link finds the Captain stuck inside the Sanctuary by a mysterious figure named Yuga who turns the Sanctuary’s minister’s daughter Seres into a painting before running off. Coming to, Link finds that he was brought back to his house by a strange wandering merchant named Ravio, who is allowed by Link to stay in his house.

Ravio tells Link to report all that has happened to Princess Zelda, whom Link meets in Hyrule Castle. Zelda gives him the Pendant of Courage and tells him to seek the elder Sahasrahla in Kakariko Village for further guidance. Sahasrahla informs Link that Yuga is hiding at the Eastern Palace and is likely seeking out the descendants of the Sages in order to revive Ganon. Upon cornering Yuga in the Eastern Palace, Link is turned into a painting during the ensuing fight. However, a bracelet given by Ravio protects Link, and he instead gains the ability to transform into a painting at will. Soon afterwards, Hyrule Castle in enveloped by a magic barrier which Sahasrahla says can only be broken by the Master Sword.

Once he obtains the remaining two Pendants and then the Master Sword, Link rushes to Hyrule Castle when he finds out Yuga is after Zelda as he turns her into a painting. Link follows him, finding a mysterious crack in Zelda’s study that leads to a strange, darker version of Hyrule Castle. By the time Link finds him, Yuga is using the paintings that hold Zelda and the Seven Sages’ descendants to revive Ganon and fuse the demon with himself to obtain the Triforce of Power. Luckily, Link is saved by a young woman named Hilda, who traps Yuga-Ganon in magic bonds and reveals herself as princess of the decaying kingdom of Lorule. She tells Link that he must free the Seven Sages before the bonds weaken.

After saving the Sages and obtaining the Triforce of Courage, Link returns to Lorule Castle, where Hilda tells him the history of Lorule. Much like Hyrule, Lorule had its own Triforce which was fought over by the people. This Triforce was destroyed in order to keep it out of the hands of evil, but this led to their world gradually crumbling away. Link learns that Hilda is the one who is really behind Yuga’s actions, a scheme to take Hyrule’s Triforce to replace their own, as she siphons the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda. Hilda then summons Yuga-Ganon and frees him in order to kill Link and take his final part of the Triforce. However, Yuga-Ganon reveals that he has been acting on his own whim to remake the world in his image, and he absorbs Hilda to combine the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power. Still trapped in her painting, Princess Zelda gives Link the Bow of Light so he can defeat Yuga-Ganon. Despite being freed, the weakened Hilda decides to fight Link personally to get the completed Triforce from him.

At this time, Ravio appears, revealing himself to be Link’s Lorulian counterpart in disguise. Out of loyalty to his princess, yet lacking the courage his Hyrulean counterpart has, Ravio snuck into Hyrule and sought out Link so he could secretly help stop Hilda from making a grave error. Ravio manages to convince Hilda to relinquish her ambition for the sake of both lands, and then she shows Link and Zelda the way back to Hyrule. Upon their arrival back in Hyrule, Link and Zelda use the Triforce to wish for the restoration of Lorule’s own Triforce, subsequently saving Lorule. His quest complete, Link returns the Master Sword to its rightful place, until it will be required once more. In Hero Mode, an extra scene shows Link being accompanied by the Seven Sages and Zelda in the Lost Woods.”

I know, I’m being lazy, but it’s hard to explain. This looks like a great game and I’d recommend it. I hope you enjoyed!


Mario Kart 7

Hey guys! Kaitlynn here! I know I know, it’s been a while. My computer is fixed, so I thought I would make a post. This one is on “Mario Kart 7”, a racing game for the 3DS. There has been many versions of Mario Kart, including “Mario Kart Wii” for the Wii Console. In this game, you have a variety of characters to choose from, like Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool/Peach, Bowser, and more. As you play more cups and unlock more to play, you earn new karts to play on and new characters to play as. When you complete the game, you get the option of using your Mii character. There is a variety of karts you can choose from, each character having their own special kart. Different karts have different characteristics, such as speed and weight. There is a new feature to this game- Hang gliders! Your kart can fly in certain areas of the track! There’s so much more to tell you but I can’t fit it all. I suggest you check out this awesome website to get everything you would ever want to know about this game: . I hope everyone stays safe this season. Happy holidays!


P.S: Comment down below any games for handheld devices that you would like to see reviewed!


Pilotwings Resort

Hello everyone! Sorry my post is a day late! I thought today I would make my post on “Pilotwings Resort” for the Nintendo 3DS. Pilotwings Resort is a very simple, laid back game developed by Monster Games, Inc. In this adventurous game, you are able to explore the island you are set on. By explore, I mean fly over it. There are many different types of aircrafts to choose from: a basic, propeller-driven airplane, a fighter jet, and a hang glider. After you choose a aircraft, you go into Free Flight Mode. In this mode, you explore the island & collect things. The second mode is Mission Flight Mode. In this mode, you are given tasks that need to be completed. The game is divided into groups depending on difficulty: Training, Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum classes. On the majority of the challenges given, you are given a certain amount of time or fuel to complete the task. If you fail you will be presented with the same task and some different tasks waiting to be completed.  The only down part about this game is that there is no multiplayer. Overall, I would rate this game 2 out of 5 stars because it gets too difficult and becomes boring pretty fast. I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back next Monday for another one! Have a good day! 🙂


– Kaitlynn 🙂

Super Mario 3D Land

Hello everyone! In spirit of “Super Mario 3D World” releasing for the Wii U yesterday, I thought I would make this week’s “topic on the  “Super Mario 3D Land” for the 3DS. To start things off, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mario, an ordinary plumber, and his daring adventures to save the one he loves: Princess Peach (Princess Toadstool is her real name). In this game you get a whole new power: The tanooki suit. Tanooki is the word for raccoon in Japanese. With this awesome power, you get to fly for short periods of time. If you die five or more times, there will be a box that you can hit. Inside is a golden tanooki power, which gives you the ability to kill enemies easily and you can’t get hurt. Of course, if you fall into lava or a hole, you will die. Now for the story line:

“Outside of Princess Peach’s Castle stands the Tail Tree, a Tanooki-tailed tree with Super Leaves on its branches. All of the Mushroom Kingdom is familiar with the tree. One night, a huge storm blows all of the leaves off, as Bowser laughs in the background.

Later on, Mario and three Toads (Red, Yellow, and Blue) go looking for the princess. Eventually, they discover that she is missing and the Super Leaves are gone too. Yellow Toad notices a hovering letter near the tree, and the group of four goes to investigate. Mario grabs and opens the letter, and a picture of Bowser holding Princess Peach with Super Leaves flying in the background pops out. The message shocks the three Toads and Mario, and immediately, Mario and the three Toads run to save the Princess. Throughout his adventure, Mario receives more letters about Peach’s predicament and about various stages of Bowser’s Super Leaf-related plan.

Becoming lonely due to Mario’s absence, Peach ultimately attempts to escape from Bowser and his army, but she is soon recaptured. Mario travels through 8 worlds and defeats Bowser, only to be tricked as Bowser escapes with Peach. Mario eventually finds Bowser’s lair, but before they can battle, the floor beneath them breaks and they fall. After being chased through various obstacles, Mario manages to press a switch making the bridge under Bowser collapse, sending Bowser into a pool of lava. At last, Mario and the three Toads find Princess Peach and, using their Tanooki powers, bring Peach back to her castle.

Peach attempting an escape from Bowser and the Koopa Troop.

After that, a short cutscene appears with a letter floating down in World 1-1. It appears to be Luigi being kidnapped by Dry Bowser. Mario then sets off to save Luigi. After rescuing him in Special World 1-Castle Icon.pngCastle, he becomes a playable character.

After Mario beats Special 8-Castle, another cutscene appears. Another letter has floated down on World 1-1, and the three Toads who accompanied Mario in his adventure investigates while sporting their Tanooki forms. To their surprise, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again. Then, Mario or Luigi must play World 8-Bowser's Castle2 again to defeat Bowser. After that, a letter of Peach wearing a Tanooki Suit is unlocked. Once 5 stars are present on the profile, Special 8-Crown is unlocked.

Now for my review. Overall, I would rate this game 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was an interesting game, but it got very difficult at the end.”

Thank you for reading my blog and I can’t wait to make another one! I hope you all enjoyed. For those of you in America, stay safe and have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂


Pokemon Review

This game has been around since 1996 or at least a time around that. It is a very popular game series that is still being made

today and is played over a variety of game consoles. Some new games from the series are Black 2, White 2, X, & Y.(That is since

this post, they may make more games later) A list of games for pokemon can be found at, and a list of the different types of pokemon you can catch

in the game can be found at . In pokemon, you must

travel around the world collecting badges and pokemon while having to deal with a major campaign. This game could take days to

complete and you will not be able to catch every pokemon.  You could play a older version of pokemon such as red or blue and

play that for a while. Then keep transferring your profile over the next games. Then you would be able to capture all the pokemon

made up to this day. I would give this game a 4.5 out of 5 for an overall opinion. Please leave in the comments below on what

game or console you would like us to review!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS



This is my first post, so I hope you enjoy!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a very high rated, laid back game. I personally play this game on a daily basis and I find it very fun. Let me explain the background. You start off as a person looking for a place to stay. You come across the town that thinks you are the mayor that for some reason never arrived. You are presented with a tent to live in until you are able to pay for a house. There can be up to ten villagers in your town that are animals. There are hundreds of animals that can live in your town and will move in and out. The is a shopping district where you can buy goods. As you progress through the game, there will be new shops and entertainment areas such as a garden shop, a shoe store and even a night club! There are many many more things to do in this game for you to do. You’ll never get bored! Personally, I rate this game five out of five stars. Thank you for reading my first game review and I hope you enjoyed!