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Mario Maker, When Fans Get Put To The Test.

Nintendo has released info on yet another installment of the Mario series, and I know what you might say. Some think, “Oh, yet another save princess game,” but this is different. This game called Mario Maker is a new idea where YOU, yes you, make the levels. You are unrestricted, you get anything that was ever in any Mario game, almost like you designed the game yourself. It has 4 modes also, Game 1, Game 3, Game World, and Game U, which dictate the appearance based on previous games.


Game U

Game U

Game 1

Game 1

This new game was announced at E3 2014, for those who don’t know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), is one of the biggest game expos in the U.S.A. The game was given an estimated release date of late September 2015, 3 months from when this is posted. This game is also online so you can share your level and play other people’s. This game seems like a great and innovative idea and I’d give it a 9 based on what I’ve seen.


Anyways, I hope this was helpful and gave you an update on current gaming news. If you want you can comment suggestions on what to research/play next to write about or on how to make my posts or the site better. Finally, this is Nick Neuendorf signing off and until next time, play more games.



Five Nights At Freddy’s

Hey Guys! I haven’t posted anything up for probably more than a year now. This and many other games were due for a long time. I will try to post it all up within this summer.

Before reading this and the other reviews for this game series, I wanted to say that I watched the GameTheory episodes on this. Don’t complain that some things are “untrue”. This is for people who haven’t heard of this game series and is written in the point of view of someone who has watched the Theorist’s episodes.

Five Night’s At Freddy’s is the 1st game of Scott Cawthon’s “Five Nights” Series(4th game to still come out) which had started selling in online stores on August 20th. It is about a security guard having to watch over an old, run-down, “Chuck e Cheese” styled restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You, being the security guard, have to survive in this place from 12 am to 6 am while being hunted down by laughing, crazy animatronics who wish to stuff you into a suit, which would kill you.

Obviously, because of the title of the game, you have to survive for 5 nights. Each night gets harder and more difficult as you progress. There is also a sixth and seventh night once you are finished with the first 5. There are different rooms in this game, but you’re stuck in the security office, watching over the building. From there you control cameras and lights to watch and stop the animatronics, while managing a finite amount of energy. If you run out, Game Over. Below is a picture of the building showing where all the cameras are.


In this game there are 5 animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy. They each have there own strategies to get to your office so they can kill you. Along the way, a guy talks to you over the phone and gives you directions on what to do and how to survive the night.


Overall, I think this was a very simple, great horror game. I would rate this a 5 out of 5 because it doesn’t have any big, bad things about it and Scott Cawthon alone made this. It also brought a new type of horror game into the video gaming world.



All information gathered from personal experience playing the game and from different YouTubers’ videos. Everything “Five Nights at Freddy’s” related belongs to Scott Cawthon.

Project Morpheus, V.R. and the possibilities it brings.

Sony has announced their new addition to the things you can get for the PS4 called Project Morpheus. Project Morpheus is a V.R. headset that you can hook up to your PS4. Sony has said that the past few years had shown us how, for the most part, motion gaming has fallen kind of flat among the general video game audiences, as clearly shown with how Wii U had started focusing on its second screen, how Xbox One’s Kinect was dropped, and how PlayStation 4 is not really making much use of PlayStation Move. In interviews, Yoshida, a Sony executive, has repeatedly said that the Move hasn’t been doing very well sale wise. Although it is not like Yoshida meant to demean Move, he even described it as “a precise and accurate 3D input device,” saying that the PS3/PS4 motion controller was a bit ahead of its time. What Yoshida meant to critique on was how it seems hard to take advantage of the 3D positional tracking when it’s offers on a 2D screen. So he said that the only time the PlayStation Move will be sold well is when Project Morpheus comes out. The Project Morpheus release date hasn’t been announced yet, all they’ve said is it will probably not come out in 2014 and it will cost less than $1000. That’s all I have to say for today so until next time, play more games.

Destiny Beta

The game I had pre-ordered and had been waiting weeks to try out had finally arrived! Destiny is probably one of the most epic and addictive games I have played! I enjoyed the beta so much, I thought I should do a before release review and another review after it gets released!

Before I say anything else, I will answer this, “What is Destiny?”

Destiny is a online, multiplayer interactive ,1st person shooter, in an open world. The game was developed by Bungie, creator and previous owner of the Halo franchise, and it was published by Activison, the company that made the Call of Duty games. They both had a vision of this game and worked together to make what some people at E3 2014 called, “The best 1st person shooter of the year”. Now I will talk a bit about the game.

Because you make your character before going into the game, I will talk a bit about the character creator. This creator has a big variety of ways you can make your hero. First off, it will ask what class you want. The 3 to choose from are…     (These are my descriptions, not the ones that are said in the game)

Titan: The guy who is meant for melee and has a powerful smashing attack in which you jump and smash into the ground, disintegrating anything in your wake.

Hunter: The guy who is meant to be ranged using snipers and long-ranged guns. With this class, you can spawn in a golden pistol in which you blast and burn people alive.

Warlock: The guy who is meant to be either close or long-ranged. With this class, you can shoot out a orb of darkness that blows up on contact with anything, vaporizing anything in its path.


Along with classes, there are 3 races to choose from. You don’t need to worry about choosing between them because they don’t give you bonuses. After choosing a class, just try and make your character look cool, because nothing from the rest gives you a bonus. The 3 races are…

  • Human– The ordinary, more common type of race
  • Awoken– An unknown alien race with dark blue-ish to white-ish skin
  • Exo– A powerful robot type of race

There are many different types of ways you can create your character.

The story goes like this. Once upon a time, a giant planet found its way to Earth spreading light and starting the golden age, when technology boomed and people were able to travel the stars. This giant planet was called, “The Traveler”, and The Traveler protected the Earth. The Traveler, however, had one enemy. The Darkness, an army of aliens bent on killing all in their path. One day, the Darkness found Earth. When this happened, the human race was almost completely wiped out in “The Great War”. When beginning to play, a ghost, or a ball like flying sentinel, goes over to your corpse and brings you back to life. When he does this, he tells you to run because your being followed by some of those aliens. The aliens keep trying to kill you but you get guns and escape in a ship that your ghost had found. When you escape, you go to a city called “The Tower”, the last city on Earth and the only one that The Traveler can protect. From there, the story is different with each planet you go to. On Earth, you need to help push the Darkness back, and on the moon, you need to find out what had happened to a guardian that died. Those are the only stories that are known so far because those were the only planets you could travel to during the beta.



From what I have seen and guessed about with the travel screen while in Orbit, was that you can travel to Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, And Mercury. When you choose a planet you wish to travel to, another screen will pop up asking where you want to go on that planet, in which it will show missions. You can only unlock certain missions however if you have beaten the previous one.

In this you can also customize your vehicle called a Sparrow and you can buy spaceships, in which you can show off and brag to your friends with.

I could give more information about this game when it comes out on September 9th later this year. Here is a link to Bungie’s website if you wish to pre-order this amazing game that I would rate 5 out of 5. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Alien Isolation

If you were stranded on a space station with few tools, few options, and something that is most feared in the universe out to kill you, would you survive? Today I am going to talk about the new Alien Isolation game that Creative Assembly said was going to come out sometime in late 2014 or probably on October 7th.

In Alien Isolation, you play as Amanda Ripley (the daughter of Ellen) in 2137, 15 years into the future after the events of Alien (the first movie). Amanda is put on the small space station, Sevastopol to look for the flight recorder of Nostromo. The Sevastopol however, is inhabited by one alien.

When Creative Assembly made this horror game, they seriously weren’t joking around. When your hiding under a table or in a locker, the alien could be coming past by you. When this happens, you need to press a button to stop breathing, otherwise, it finds you. When your hiding, you don’t know if it has left the room or not, but to be sure, stay in no matter whatever you hear, even if the doors open and close, the alien could just be trying to trick you.

If you think this game will be just like Colonial Marines, then your dead wrong. What makes this game unique compared to Colonial Marines is that this is a First Person Survival Horror, not a First Person Shooter. Creative Assembly had also made the Alien AI act to where it makes the illusion to where it seems like it learns from what you do during gameplay and uses it to make a strategy to kill you. Another unique feature about the game is that it has a crafting system. The player can get objects to make weapons and tools to defend themselves from the alien. Instead of always being in the same spot, each object for crafting a certain tool is randomized and always somewhere else. This way no one person can memorize the spots for the objects. The player can also come across computers and other devices through which they could gather information from or trigger in game effects.

That’s the only information available about the game. When it comes out, I most likely will do better review about it and give it a proper rating but for now, I will give this game a 5 out of 5. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Lego Batman Cheat Codes for Nintendo Wii

Lego Batman Cheat Codes for Wii


Characters- Codes to unlock the characters.


Alfred= ZAQ637

Batgirl= JKR331

Bruce Wayne= BDJ327

Catwoman (Classic)= M1AAWW

Clown Goon= HJK327

Commissioner Gordon= DDP967

Fishmonger= HGY748

Freeze Girl= XVK541

Joker Goon= UTF782

Joker Henchman= YUN924

Mad Hatter= JCA283

Man-Bat= NYU942

Military Policeman= MKL382

Nightwing= MVY759

Penguin Goon= NKA238

Penguin Henchman= BJH782

Penguin Minion= KJP748

Poison Ivy Goon= GTB899

Police Marksman= HKG984

Police Officer= JRY983

Riddler Goon= CRY928

Riddler Henchman= XEU824

S.W.A.T.= HTF114

Sailor= NAV592

Scientist= JFL786

Security Guard= PLB946

The Joker (Tropical)= CCB199

Yeti= NJL412

Zoo Sweeper= DWR243


Vehicles- Codes to unlock vehicles.


Bat-Tank= KNTT4B

Bruce Wayne’s Private Jet= LEA664

Catwoman’s Motorcycle= HPL826

Garbage Truck= DUS483

Goon Helicopter= GCH328

Harbor Helicopter= CHP735

Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck= RDT637

Mad Hatter’s Glider= HS000W

Mad Hatter’s Steamboat= M4DM4N

Mr. Freeze’s Iceberg= ICYICE

The Joker’s Van= JUK657

Mr. Freeze’s Kart= BCT229

Penguin Goon Submarine= BTN248

Police Bike= LIP234

Police Boat= PLC999

Police Car= KJL832

Police Helicopter= CWR732

Police Van= MAC788

Police Watercraft= VJD328

Riddler’s Jet= HAHAHA

Robin’s Submarine= TTF453

Two-Face’s Armored Truck= EFE933


Cheats- Things to make the game more interesting.


Always Score Multiply= 9LRGNB

Fast Batarang= JRBDCB

Fast Walk= ZOLM6N

Flame Batarang= D8NYWH

Freeze Batarang= XPN4NG

Extra Hearts= ML3KHP

Fast Build= EVG26J

Immune To Freeze= JXUDY6

Invincibility= WYD5CP

MiniKit Detector= ZXGH9J

More Batarang Targets= XWP645

Piece Detector= KHJ554

Power Brick Detector= MMN786

Regenerate Hearts= HJH7HJ

Score x2= N4NR3E

Score x4= CX9MAT

Score x6= MLVNF2

Score x8= WCCDB9

Score x10= 18HW07


Codes For The 360 Version Will Come Out Soon. Cheat codes were taken from a Cheat Code Explosion Book. Year of  Book Not Listed.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Is it Worth Your Money?

Now if you are as big of a fan as me then you know KH 3 is coming out(and you’ll get the title) and I’ve seen many trailers for it so I’ll tell you how the game looks. From what I’ve seen it is very cool and seems like it has great potential and I’ve only seen a 2 minute trailer. Also I know everyone has wanted to know if they are adding Star Wars and they have said their is a big possibility they will add it in but it will be a lot harder than you may think. Even though Disney has taken over a lot of Lucas Arts they will still have some copyright problems with what part of Lucas Arts they don’t own. Now keep in mind there’s not much info on the game so this is going to be short but when more info comes out I might make a part 2 but this is all I’ve got right now so leave in the comments what you want to here and on what game.