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Overwatch: Blizzards first new franchise in 17 years.

Hello fellow gamers, this is Nick N. again and apologies for not posting in a while, access to my computer has been very limited. Anyways Blizzard Entertainment, responsible for many games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, etc, is now coming out with their own FPS(First Person Shooter) called Overwatch. A link to 2 of the trailers will be at the end of the post. A release date has not been announced although Blizzard has stated that the beta will be out in 2015 so as you probably know not much info has been released but, I will tell you everything that has. The game will feature many new characters but sadly, it seems you will not be able to make your own so you will be stuck with the default. Don’t fret though because, each character seems amazing in there own way and there powers vary from teleportation, wall climbing, summoning stuff, and so much more so it will be amazing. To wrap this up tightly with a bow, Overwatch seems like it will be an amazing game made by an amazing company with amazing(ish) graphics. So check out the trailers and until next time, play more games.

Destiny Beta

The game I had pre-ordered and had been waiting weeks to try out had finally arrived! Destiny is probably one of the most epic and addictive games I have played! I enjoyed the beta so much, I thought I should do a before release review and another review after it gets released!

Before I say anything else, I will answer this, “What is Destiny?”

Destiny is a online, multiplayer interactive ,1st person shooter, in an open world. The game was developed by Bungie, creator and previous owner of the Halo franchise, and it was published by Activison, the company that made the Call of Duty games. They both had a vision of this game and worked together to make what some people at E3 2014 called, “The best 1st person shooter of the year”. Now I will talk a bit about the game.

Because you make your character before going into the game, I will talk a bit about the character creator. This creator has a big variety of ways you can make your hero. First off, it will ask what class you want. The 3 to choose from are…     (These are my descriptions, not the ones that are said in the game)

Titan: The guy who is meant for melee and has a powerful smashing attack in which you jump and smash into the ground, disintegrating anything in your wake.

Hunter: The guy who is meant to be ranged using snipers and long-ranged guns. With this class, you can spawn in a golden pistol in which you blast and burn people alive.

Warlock: The guy who is meant to be either close or long-ranged. With this class, you can shoot out a orb of darkness that blows up on contact with anything, vaporizing anything in its path.


Along with classes, there are 3 races to choose from. You don’t need to worry about choosing between them because they don’t give you bonuses. After choosing a class, just try and make your character look cool, because nothing from the rest gives you a bonus. The 3 races are…

  • Human– The ordinary, more common type of race
  • Awoken– An unknown alien race with dark blue-ish to white-ish skin
  • Exo– A powerful robot type of race

There are many different types of ways you can create your character.

The story goes like this. Once upon a time, a giant planet found its way to Earth spreading light and starting the golden age, when technology boomed and people were able to travel the stars. This giant planet was called, “The Traveler”, and The Traveler protected the Earth. The Traveler, however, had one enemy. The Darkness, an army of aliens bent on killing all in their path. One day, the Darkness found Earth. When this happened, the human race was almost completely wiped out in “The Great War”. When beginning to play, a ghost, or a ball like flying sentinel, goes over to your corpse and brings you back to life. When he does this, he tells you to run because your being followed by some of those aliens. The aliens keep trying to kill you but you get guns and escape in a ship that your ghost had found. When you escape, you go to a city called “The Tower”, the last city on Earth and the only one that The Traveler can protect. From there, the story is different with each planet you go to. On Earth, you need to help push the Darkness back, and on the moon, you need to find out what had happened to a guardian that died. Those are the only stories that are known so far because those were the only planets you could travel to during the beta.



From what I have seen and guessed about with the travel screen while in Orbit, was that you can travel to Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, And Mercury. When you choose a planet you wish to travel to, another screen will pop up asking where you want to go on that planet, in which it will show missions. You can only unlock certain missions however if you have beaten the previous one.

In this you can also customize your vehicle called a Sparrow and you can buy spaceships, in which you can show off and brag to your friends with.

I could give more information about this game when it comes out on September 9th later this year. Here is a link to Bungie’s website if you wish to pre-order this amazing game that I would rate 5 out of 5. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Call of Duty

This is a game series that expands for 10 years with millions of people who play it every day. It has had many awards and Call of Duty: Ghosts may get the Game of the Year award… if it becomes better than GTA 5 which is very likely to occur. Call of Duty goes back to the original game “Call of Duty”, which was about you being a soldier in WW1, to “Call of Duty: Ghosts” which will come out on 11/5/13, where the world has been taken over by the bad guys for once. Many popular ones still being played today are MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) and Black Ops 2. Call of Duty has many features such as it’s DLCs, servers, maps, mods, hacks, and guns. Most COD games feature at least 3 options on what to play. Campaign, Multiplayer Online, and Zombies. In campaign, you will learn stuff about the wars you play in. You will discover the truth about how hard it was in those wars. This doesn’t apply for futuristic types of games for this series, like Black Ops 2 and Ghosts. In multiplayer, you will test your ability on how good of a soldier you are by competing against other players around the world, fighting and killing them with your favorite guns, perks, and grenades. in zombies, its the end of the world and you must survive or complete the map to win. You would face endless amounts of the horde and hell hounds. In one of the latest COD games released, MW3 didn’t have Zombies, but instead a survival against CPU enemy soldiers, dogs, helicopters, and juggernauts, soldiers in heavy, thick armor with OP weapons.These games can be found at . To find the page for this picture and more stuff on ghosts, go to For the entire game series of Call of Duty, I would give it 10 out of 10 for being one of the best and life-like war games.