Kingdom Hearts 3: Is it Worth Your Money?

Now if you are as big of a fan as me then you know KH 3 is coming out(and you’ll get the title) and I’ve seen many trailers for it so I’ll tell you how the game looks. From what I’ve seen it is very cool and seems like it has great potential and I’ve only seen a 2 minute trailer. Also I know everyone has wanted to know if they are adding Star Wars and they have said their is a big possibility they will add it in but it will be a lot harder than you may think. Even though Disney has taken over a lot of Lucas Arts they will still have some copyright problems with what part of Lucas Arts they don’t own. Now keep in mind there’s not much info on the game so this is going to be short but when more info comes out I might make a part 2 but this is all I’ve got right now so leave in the comments what you want to here and on what game.

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