Lego Batman Cheat Codes for Nintendo Wii

Lego Batman Cheat Codes for Wii


Characters- Codes to unlock the characters.


Alfred= ZAQ637

Batgirl= JKR331

Bruce Wayne= BDJ327

Catwoman (Classic)= M1AAWW

Clown Goon= HJK327

Commissioner Gordon= DDP967

Fishmonger= HGY748

Freeze Girl= XVK541

Joker Goon= UTF782

Joker Henchman= YUN924

Mad Hatter= JCA283

Man-Bat= NYU942

Military Policeman= MKL382

Nightwing= MVY759

Penguin Goon= NKA238

Penguin Henchman= BJH782

Penguin Minion= KJP748

Poison Ivy Goon= GTB899

Police Marksman= HKG984

Police Officer= JRY983

Riddler Goon= CRY928

Riddler Henchman= XEU824

S.W.A.T.= HTF114

Sailor= NAV592

Scientist= JFL786

Security Guard= PLB946

The Joker (Tropical)= CCB199

Yeti= NJL412

Zoo Sweeper= DWR243


Vehicles- Codes to unlock vehicles.


Bat-Tank= KNTT4B

Bruce Wayne’s Private Jet= LEA664

Catwoman’s Motorcycle= HPL826

Garbage Truck= DUS483

Goon Helicopter= GCH328

Harbor Helicopter= CHP735

Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck= RDT637

Mad Hatter’s Glider= HS000W

Mad Hatter’s Steamboat= M4DM4N

Mr. Freeze’s Iceberg= ICYICE

The Joker’s Van= JUK657

Mr. Freeze’s Kart= BCT229

Penguin Goon Submarine= BTN248

Police Bike= LIP234

Police Boat= PLC999

Police Car= KJL832

Police Helicopter= CWR732

Police Van= MAC788

Police Watercraft= VJD328

Riddler’s Jet= HAHAHA

Robin’s Submarine= TTF453

Two-Face’s Armored Truck= EFE933


Cheats- Things to make the game more interesting.


Always Score Multiply= 9LRGNB

Fast Batarang= JRBDCB

Fast Walk= ZOLM6N

Flame Batarang= D8NYWH

Freeze Batarang= XPN4NG

Extra Hearts= ML3KHP

Fast Build= EVG26J

Immune To Freeze= JXUDY6

Invincibility= WYD5CP

MiniKit Detector= ZXGH9J

More Batarang Targets= XWP645

Piece Detector= KHJ554

Power Brick Detector= MMN786

Regenerate Hearts= HJH7HJ

Score x2= N4NR3E

Score x4= CX9MAT

Score x6= MLVNF2

Score x8= WCCDB9

Score x10= 18HW07


Codes For The 360 Version Will Come Out Soon. Cheat codes were taken from a Cheat Code Explosion Book. Year of  Book Not Listed.

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