Level up EXTREMELY fast in Deadrising 3

I am about to teach you how to level up extremely fast in Deadrising 3.


First you must find the blueprints for the 4 reaper weapons. Next you need to make the ultimate grim reaper which requires 2 of the reapers, a gas can, and the reaper mask. After that you should make sure you have skill in smarts for extra level. When you do that ,kill the gang leader, part, go and open up your map. Once that is finished go out at night and find a horde of zombies and just swing the ultimate grim reaper around. If it were to break you can go to the safe house and get another one. Just do this a lot and you should level up fast. I hope this helps anyone having trouble with the game. If you need anymore tips on this game or others, leave a comment!

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