Minecraft Mob Info: Creeper

Everyone who has been playing Minecraft for a while knows about the creeper. This is just for people who don’t know about them so much or incase you want to learn a tiny more about them. So here is some info on creepers.

They’re green, have no arms, 4 legs, has black eyes, and has a black mouth. They are always hostile, day and night, light or dark. They are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game. They run up to you and blow up using TNT, possibly killing you and destroying anything nearby. They are silent when attacking, which gives them the advantage. Then they make a hissing sound before blowing up. Creepers usually spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or less. They don’t die when the sun rises, instead they continue to roam over Minecraft until killed. Lighting the area you want protected will help to prevent them from spawning in and ruining your entire life’s work of what you have built in about 5 minutes or more.

Here are some interesting facts about creepers. Notch made creepers when he accidentally was trying to make pigs. He also made it to where when one creeper was hit with lightning, they would become charged. Another thing about creepers is that they can climb, even without arms, so watch out.

Some easy ways to kill them are listed below.

– Kill one using lava

-Kill one by making it fall to its death

-Kill one by using a cacti

-Blow it up with TNT by luring it to a hole

Shoot it to death

Stab it by using a strong weapon (Use any weapon, the weaker it is, be more prepared to back away)

You may or may not know about what you get from a creeper by killing it. You get 5 experience, and gunpowder, used for TNT. And if a skeleton kills it, it will probably drop a music disc.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you learned something new from this or at least read it. Please leave games, consoles, or anything video game related in the comments below if you wish for us to review it.


All info from this article comes from years of experience playing this and the Minecraft book, Minecraft: Essential Handbook.

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