Overwatch: Blizzards first new franchise in 17 years.

Hello fellow gamers, this is Nick N. again and apologies for not posting in a while, access to my computer has been very limited. Anyways Blizzard Entertainment, responsible for many games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, etc, is now coming out with their own FPS(First Person Shooter) called Overwatch. A link to 2 of the trailers will be at the end of the post. A release date has not been announced although Blizzard has stated that the beta will be out in 2015 so as you probably know not much info has been released but, I will tell you everything that has. The game will feature many new characters but sadly, it seems you will not be able to make your own so you will be stuck with the default. Don’t fret though because, each character seems amazing in there own way and there powers vary from teleportation, wall climbing, summoning stuff, and so much more so it will be amazing. To wrap this up tightly with a bow, Overwatch seems like it will be an amazing game made by an amazing company with amazing(ish) graphics. So check out the trailers and until next time, play more games.

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