Gargoyles Quest Games

This Retro Gaming Series is about 1 game for  three Nintendo Systems. The first was “Gargoyles Quest” for the original gameboy. Then the second game of the series was put on the NES  version of the first Nintendo system called “Gargoyles Quest II”.  The last game that came out for the video game series was “Demon’s Crest”. Sadly, the game series ended there. But another arose Gargoyles Quest DX , their not anymore of these games to or knowledge. If these games sound interesting to you in any way when we talk about it in other posts, feel free to buy them at any trade n’ games shop or on Ebay. If you get this game, be warned that the game is extremely difficult to complete. Please feel free to leave in the comments, retro games or new games you would want us to play. Thank you.


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