Rust is like Minecraft except, in my opinion, it is a better, more realistic version with real looking people and a not blocky terrain. Like Minecraft, it is a sandbox game. This game is supposed to be based around a time when the world was nuked and irradiated and you have to try and survive.

You can make houses, battle animals such as pigs and bears, kill zombies, explore a big and vast world, and play multiplayer online! This game is even more complex than Minecraft because of all the items and things you can get! You can even make planes!

Something Facepunch Studios didn’t want in this game that happened, was that it is like Day Z because they had zombies added in. They didn’t want zombies yet they still have them for now. When they get the chance, they will change the skin for the zombies to a mutant skin.

What I find interesting about this game is that you can make campfires in this game to prevent yourself from getting too cold. It seems as though you would have a info box on the side of the screen describing how your character is doing and how he is feeling.

You can also make guns in this which I think still needs some work considering they are a bit overpowered and when killing someone, they will get launched into the air, which is pretty hilarious.

Another good thing about this game is that when you make a house, the door to it is protected so that way no one can enter and steal your stuff. Sadly, they can destroy the house’s walls and get in to steal your stuff.

I really like this game and I think if you got it, you would love it. I would rate this game a 5 out of 5. If you want this game, the game is $19.99 on steam at Right now is early access so the price might go up later when it official comes out. So go and get the game now!


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