Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS

Hey guys! I deeply apologize for the lack of posts with no set schedule. I promise, I’ll have an uploading schedule soon! I just got off of summer break and today was the first day of school. If you’re in school, did you enjoy your summer break?

Anyways, lets get to the topic of the game. Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS. This game has been long awaited and by what they’re saying is supposed to be awesome! This game is just one of many Super Smash Brothers games. This version is said to be in stores by 10/3/14, so there’s still a LOT of waiting. There’s another version for this for the Wii U and it’s basically the same exact thing. If you don’t already know about this game or any other games in the series, Super Smash Brothers in general is a competitive fighting game where you fight against either other people or computers. All the players you can unlock and play up to 68 characters, each and every one with their own special attacks, powers, and abilities. 68 characters! And they could add more.

So that’s basically Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed!Super SMash CharactersSUper Smash Slender

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  1. Smash it up on Rainbow Road, the treacherous Gerudo Valley, and other exclusive stages inspired by classic handheld games. Battle your way through the different modes to unlock special moves and equipment for all the characters.

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