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Rust is like Minecraft except, in my opinion, it is a better, more realistic version with real looking people and a not blocky terrain. Like Minecraft, it is a sandbox game. This game is supposed to be based around a time when the world was nuked and irradiated and you have to try and survive.

You can make houses, battle animals such as pigs and bears, kill zombies, explore a big and vast world, and play multiplayer online! This game is even more complex than Minecraft because of all the items and things you can get! You can even make planes!

Something Facepunch Studios didn’t want in this game that happened, was that it is like Day Z because they had zombies added in. They didn’t want zombies yet they still have them for now. When they get the chance, they will change the skin for the zombies to a mutant skin.

What I find interesting about this game is that you can make campfires in this game to prevent yourself from getting too cold. It seems as though you would have a info box on the side of the screen describing how your character is doing and how he is feeling.

You can also make guns in this which I think still needs some work considering they are a bit overpowered and when killing someone, they will get launched into the air, which is pretty hilarious.

Another good thing about this game is that when you make a house, the door to it is protected so that way no one can enter and steal your stuff. Sadly, they can destroy the house’s walls and get in to steal your stuff.

I really like this game and I think if you got it, you would love it. I would rate this game a 5 out of 5. If you want this game, the game is $19.99 on steam at Right now is early access so the price might go up later when it official comes out. So go and get the game now!


Fable 2 Review

Fable 2 is an action/adventure, medieval game where you are a man known as a hero, a person who must save the world from impending doom. It is available on the Xbox 360.

In the beginning, it starts off with a scene of a bird flying through a city eventually pooping on to your character. (Before you choose your gender). Your other sibling gets disgusted by it as you wipe it off and freak out. You and your sibling are both hobos, kids, and orphans. Your sibling then hears a noise and proceeds to go into town. On your way, your asked a question by a man who your sister threatens and walks off. You walk over to a huge crowd, crowding around a wagon. A man starts offering magical and ancient artifacts when he starts talking about a box that catches your eye. He says that it belonged to the ancients and was a box that could grant one wish. You start doing quests around the town to gather gold to get the box. As soon as you get it and go back to the little house you and your sibling made, your sister makes a wish. The box starts playing music, spins, then blows up into light. You and your sibling go to bed and find a dog that has been stalking you during the quests. You go to bed only to be waken up by a guard who wants you and your sister to go to the Bowerstone Castle. (Bowerstone being the city you are in). You go to the castle and meet the king who is fascinated by the fact that you and your sibling were able to use the box. He starts thinking that one of you is a hero. He tests it by making you both stand on a symbol carved into the ground. It glows blue. He walks over and tries to absorb the power but, is instantly zapped with electricity turning the glow of blue to red. He runs to his table while your sibling is worrying and screaming. The king realizes that one of you is the 4th hero, the person who is supposed to stop him from building The Spiral, a tower in the ocean that has the power to change the world by making a wish. The king is wanting to use it for destroying the world and starting it over again, like it had been used in the past. He shoots your sibling killing her. Then he shoots you out of the window, making your body fall down smacking into parts of the castle, a part of the house, and finally hitting the ground. The dog comes over, licks your hand, then a woman who is in every Fable game comes over, picks up your body, and walks away. You are resting from the experience until you are around the ages of 16 or 21.

Your mission is to stop the king, who had mysteriously disappeared, and to avenge your sister. On the way you gain the other 3 heros help. In the end, you dog gets shot. Then you appear in a dream. Afterwards you’re in the tower. You walk up some stairs into a room with big doors and a giant light coming from the inside. You step in to find the king absorbing the other 3 heros’ powers. You kill him, then you get to decide what wish of the wishes offered you would want. The wishes are: To become the king, To Raise anyone harmed by the king from the dead, or to get a lot of money.That is how the game ends. I personally chose to raise anyone harmed from the dead because I liked having my dog around, plus in the game, I had a wife and a little girl.

In this game, you can buy weapons, properties, get married, and have kids. You can also explore and fight a huge variety of creatures or people. What I really like about this game is the fact that when you get a quest, it shows a yellow line on the ground to where you have to go, so it would never be hard. When you die, you come back to life in a few seconds. And you are able to use magic. You also can decide your appearence on what things you do. You can make yourself fat by eating too much to raise your health or by killing innocent people, you can change your appearance to eventually look like a demon. I would rate this game a 5 out of 5. Please leave in the comments below on what consoles or games you would want us to try out and review.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Zombies- Buried

buried-map-layout-NoobGamersGuide This is a map of the Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Zombies Buried! Your welcome and have a Merry Christmas!

Black Ops 2 Zombies: Green Run Map


Here is a map of Green Run incase you needed to know more about it.