Terraria Tips on How You Can Survive the First Week!

Here is a list of Terraria tips you should do when you start your game if you want!

-Get About 150-200 wood (doesn’t take long to get it)

-Build a house for your guy ( wood walls, wooden planks, door, torches(can get from slimes), table, workbench, and chair)

-Get armor

Survive your first night…

-Mine and loot for the next couple of days, or try to find more vases to get loot from

Do it for at least 2 days…

-Build more houses (Repeat 2nd tip to the top)

-Try to get more people using loot you find ( Heart crystals, bombs, money, etc.)

Last this out for for at least 2-3 days…

-Try to make better tools and a better sword, get a bow

-Get a sawmill ( advanced workbench)

After you have done all of this, you should have survived at least a week…

Thank you for reading, please leave in the comments tips on how to get past other games. This isn’t a review.

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