Xbox One, Doom? or Paradise?

As all gamers know, the new consoles, PS4 and XBOX ONE, are coming out during the fall and winter. ¬†Microsoft has plans for what will happen to it and its previous best selling console, XBOX 360. As some COD (Call of Duty) fans and players already know, the emblem editor has shut off, do you know why? It’s because after about a couple of years after the XBOX ONE is released, they will shut down the internet and XBOX LIVE on the 360, which will cause fans and players to buy the new console or freak out and destroy everything they once knew. They shouldn’t do something like that, it’s almost like they want your money and don’t care for the players! They should keep the internet and XBOX LIVE running! Also if they do that, you wouldn’t be able to do anything fun on all the games you already bought, so really, they are dooming their company in a bad way! Anyways, the ONE is coming out in Late October and Early November. The console would be able to hold up to as much as 8 GB of game memory, not much more than from what the 360 can hold. The hard drive for this can hold up to 500 GB of game memory, again, not much more than the 360 hard drive. The controller doesn’t look to different than from the 360’s but, the console looks different. I would say this out of my opinion that the XBOX ONE stinks, exapt for the fact that new games are coming out such as COD Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. Those would be such things that would make the console better. Now let me tell you something good yet bad about this console. You can play online even if this console isn’t in a zone where connection is possible. The only downfall to this is the fact that if you do try this, Microsoft will call you every 24 hours and ask, if you wish to continue the wireless connection. So they will call you in the middle of the night for something as stupid as that. It is said that this console will sell more than the PS4 but, if you want to be nice and take my advice, buy the PS4, for one thing, its cheaper, and another thing, I just explained to you all the downfalls. Even though XBOX is this century’s ¬†game console with better graphics and games, PS4 just seems like a better console. I own a XBOX 360, and feel sad that Microsoft will do this. Please leave in the comments what you think should be done, and also say another game or console we should review. I would give this console a 3 out of 5, despite all the bad things about it. If anyone says that this may have been fake or if they dont belive it then, ill tell you that I read this exact thing out of a magazine and 2 other blog posts on Microsoft websites.

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  1. Collin Winfrey

    I just read your xbox one post. I personally will not be purchasing xbox one but i do have a 360 and ps3 what i do know is it will be 5 years until they even think about shutting off 360 and ps3 servers. I have recently read a blog on Microsoft saying so. If you guys let me be apart of this blog i feel i can be helpful. I am very educated when it comes to gaming in general.

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